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Conference Topics
The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
1. Electrical Machines:
  • Condition monitoring, fault diagnosis and prognosis of rotating and linear electrical machines.

  • Analytical and numerical, electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical modelling of electrical machines under faulty conditions.

  • Fault signatures detection and identification in the signals of operating electrical machines.

  • Fault tolerant/reliable electrical machine designs and operational strategies.

  • Degradation and ageing of electrical machines.

2. Power Electronics:
  • Condition monitoring of Si and WBG power devices, capacitors, magnetic components and batteries.  

  • Failure mechanism and failure modes, identification and characterization of fault precursors.

  • Fault tolerant inverters/converters and control schemes.

  • Lifetime modelling and RUL estimation tools, life extension techniques.

3. Adjustable Speed Drives:
  • Fault diagnosis and condition monitoring of motor drives, power converters and drive sensors.

  • Fault tolerant drives and control schemes.

  • Drive integrated, in-circuit and stand-alone monitoring tools.

  • IoT solutions, sensor data transfer and on-chip/cloud data processing.

4. Methods and Tools for Condition Monitoring: 
  • Advanced signal processing methods for condition monitoring.

  • Data analytics and information fusion for condition monitoring.   

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning assisted solutions for fault detection, diagnosis and prognosis.

  • Data-light and computationally light machine learning tools.

  • System/parameter identification tools and observers.

  • Tests, sensors and instrumentation for diagnostics and predictive maintenance.

5. Materials for Electrical Machines and Power Electronics:
  • Multi-physical analysis of electrical machines and power electronics materials and components.

  • Degradation and ageing of insulating and magnetic materials.

  • Degradation and ageing of bearings and lubricants.

  • Electric conduction mechanisms, space and surface charge dynamics.

  • Ageing and lifetime prediction.

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